scientists as rockstars.

Just came across this group — PopTeach.

PopTeach is a scrumptious combination of science / leadership / politics / vogue-esque celebrity status and brilliance — meet the 2011 fellows. Worth a perusal.

“Visible scientific leaders shouldn’t be a rarity,” says Andrew Zolli, executive director of PopTech. His group’s Science and Public Leadership Fellowship takes a creative approach to helping science and technology.

Foster social change: Help scientists not be boring. Or more accurately, help them become public leaders.


the science of door-holding etiquette.

original post: NCBI ROFL: The science of door-holding etiquette..

Etiquette and effort: holding doors for others.

“Etiquette, the customary code of polite behavior among members of a group, provides a means of conveying respect for others, but what is the basis for etiquette’s unwritten rules? Here we show that one form of etiquette, holding a door open for another person, reflects the door holder’s expectation that the person for whom he or she holds the door shares the belief that the total effort expended by the two of them will be less than the summed efforts of the two individuals acting on their own. Our observations extend recent work on effort reduction in motor control to the management of social interactions.”

The “science diet”

The “science diet”.