Learning to Pray All Over (m.kahf)

One of these days, I’ll add
A spiritual dimension to my life
One of these days I’ll learn to pray
Here’s how it will start: Alone
In a great jelly of time and space,
I will wallow in formlessness

At first. Never having tasted time
Outside the running from task to task,
I will drink my fill. Summer shade
And Popsicles beyond counting!
Nude I will go, everywhere out-
rageous and inappropriate, reveling

Slowly I will begin to want
A rhythm to shape and space my days.
I will wake a little earlier. Eat
A little less. A little less will do,
Because I will still be so still inside.
As still as the first daybreak.

Soon, like the second half of an eclipse,
The dark will shift. I’ll come to know
That all this time I had been living
On a quarter of the light the real sun has.
That thing that trains and forces souls
to pray will move aside. I’ll fall down,

as if blind, with my unused eyes. Groping
I will discover the knobs and knots
In the wall of my own soul. Opening
the door, I will emerge to fields
Of sorrows and wildflowers, I will find
Rock, stream, tree, wind, road

These, these will become my daily prayers.

[mohja khaf]

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