you so woman (for anya, r.f.)

when ya purple heels hit concrete
afros swing
cool jazz hot baby
strollin by cry amen

so holy
preachas stutta
thighs so righteous
pews jump up n catch the spirit n
hymns speak in tongues

so sweet
bees leave the daffodils behind
for honey you make table sugar taste sour n
Mrs. Butterworth sho can’t find a damn thing to say
when you around

looking so good
cockroaches ask you to step on em
sos they can see heaven
and after they die n

you love ya people so much
if you was on pilgrimage
the Sahara Desert would run to the Atlantic
jus to make sure you don’t get thirsty n
camels would kiss you for choosin they back

but Africa don’t got you
we do n glad too

so girl
you jus keep on
making the sunset procrastinate n
givin the rainbows a complex
you a silk earthquake
you a velvet hurricane
n girl you so woman
I be damn
If you don’t put a full moon to shame.

[ruth forman]

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