update from st. paul (passing it on . . . )

Dear Friends –

Greetings from St. Paul.  I’m going to forward several articles from anti-war and corporate media sources that you might not have seen.  I also wanted to tell you that the action here is not over:  there will be one more march tomorrow when McCain appears.  Stay tuned.

In struggle –






To see a list of speakers from Monday’s rally of 30,000 in St. Paul:


Chicago speakers included:

Richard Berg, Teamsters 743
Jorge Mujica, March 10th Committee
Hatem Abudeyyeh, Palestine Solidarity Group
Kathy Kelly, Voices for Creative Non-Violence
Guillermo Rafael Cohen, Colombia Action Network
Joe Iosbaker . . .

To watch the speakers on CSPAN: http://www.cspan.org/search.aspx?For=rnc
(scroll down the page until you find “Marching Against the War” at RNC Rally)

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